M.N.M. Engineering Ltd. is a leading civil engineering firm, specializing in all structural aspects of transportation infrastructures: Road and runway pavements, bridge construction, and railroad engineering. Our expertise combines theoretical engineering proficiency, cutting-edge technologies, and extensive field experience in infrastructure projects worldwide.

M.N.M. Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2003 by two civil engineers - Eng. Avi Shagan and Eng. Gilad Shloosh. Serving as the company’s co-managers, they both possess extensive experience in all aspects of paving and transportation, gained through many years of leading engineering projects in Israel and abroad.

The company’s professional team includes proficient civil engineers and experts, who specialize in various aspects of pavement construction and infrastructures.

Based on our professionalism and experience, we have been chosen to provide our services by international financial institutions, governments, national road authorities and metropolitan municipalities across four continents. Our customers also include defense ministries, regional administrations, and multinational construction and infrastructure contractors.

By leveraging our many years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we provide our customers with top-level solutions, combining engineering expertise with state-of-the-art technologies. All our solutions maintain high standards of professionalism, innovation and excellence.