Manam Applications LTD, a sister company of M.N.M. Engineering LTD, was established in 2012 (also owned by Avihu Shagan and Gilad Shloosh). Based on software applications that were developed and tailored for both our clients and internal use by M.N.M. Engineering experts during its many years of operation. After realizing the tremendous value that these applications bring to our customer, we have decided to develop and sell them independently as public software solutions. Manam Applications currently offers the following software solutions:

Manam RIMS (Road Information Management System)
A cutting-edge suite that provides an end-to-end solution for all road maintenance management requirements, including PMS (Pavement Management System), BMS (Bridge Management System), SMS (Safety Management System) and additional modules.

Manam TOM
A software solution for management and quality control of geographically-dispersed projects, Manam TOM provides project tracking, document archiving, and quality control capabilities to managers of large infrastructure projects.

Manam Strider
A video survey system for performing field surveys, Manam Strider includes a powerful interface for survey planning, GIS-based data collection, video integration, navigation and data synchronization.

For detailed information about Manam Applications’ software solutions, please visit the Manam Applications web site on