Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)

We provide our customers with a set of quality control and quality assurance services and tools, supporting road and bridge paving projects. Our professional supervisors attend the project on site and assure material, process and execution quality, accompanying all stages of the projects. Our sophisticated tools (including a targeted software solution) and experienced staff guarantee the highest quality standards and strict control over execution quality in all the projects that we are involved with.

In Quality Assurance projects, we typically operate on behalf of the initiators of the paving project, and we represent them onsite to assure project execution according to plan. In Quality Control projects, our customer is most often the paving contractor, and our experts function as an internal control measure to verify meeting quality standards across the entire project.

Our company coordinated the preparation of the quality control specifications for Israel’s National Road Company (INRC). We also developed a unique software solution for managing the implementation of quality control and assurance procedures for paving and bridge construction projects. This solution is the only available software product that meets INRC’s quality requirements.

Our engineers and quality experts also supervise and perform regular quality assurance procedures for the INRC and Trans-Israel highway projects.